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A.Bertrand Innovations specializes in Research and Development. We are passionate about designing solutions that aim for innovative App Concepts and Strategies, in fields like Commercial Streaming, IoT and beyond. We focus mainly on providing relevant plans, strategies and blueprints to local SMEs and Companies. A.Bertrand Innovations also aims at partnering with valued IT professionals and stakeholders to offer services that encompass good practices, sustainable technologies and techniques for clean, profitable and respectable commercial solutions.

Our teams specifically explore relevant opportunities in the fields of Digital Signage, Connected Health, Silver Economy and, Smart Cities and Living. We design systems that take full advantage of IoT, Big Data, AR and AI to generate Business and Social Intelligence, while inspiring The People for better living.

We are Solution Builders

Founded in 2014 in Mauritius, A.BERTRAND INNOVATIONS is a e-Solution Development Agency that aims at bringing innovative solutions to the fast evolving world. We focus on researching, designing and deploying cross-platform apps that will simplify people's life and generate meaningful social impact. We are connected within a working network made of 25 IT professionals deployed in four locations on three continents. 

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